Lean Construction to Increase Profitability

Written by Vincent Béchard on 2019-08-22

Executing a complex construction project? Experiencing difficulties, dealing with safety, delays and cost issues? Read this, maybe we could help!

What is the true cost of...?

Safety incidents, including extra insurances, training replacement workers, lost skills from an injured worker? Defective parts and materials, including unmounting finished work, starting over, additional inspection just in case the same problem happens again? Imprecise measurements, including reworking and realigning parts, inspecting and having to start over? Project delays, including contractual penalties, additional unplanned manhours?


What if you could...

Foresee issues before they hurt by looking at smart dashboards? Identify construction delay root causes and make sure they never happen again? Develop safer and faster procedures regardless of which contractor will execute them? Massively reduce internal inspection because things have been done right the first time? Reduce time spent reporting and eliminate time spent correcting report errors?

It is time you inquire about Lean construction techniques!

Lean construction is about streamlining the construction lifecycle to make it more efficient and profitable. At the design stage, usability and end-client needs are considered and constructability is incorporated. During construction, Lean techniques supported by insights from the data helps increasing safety, removing unnecessary steps and standardizing methods. After final delivery, lessons learned are dissected to be even better on the next project!

What it means in practice

At Différence, we have 20 years of experience at improving operations and analyzing data in many different contexts. We can deploy and support tailored Lean construction initiatives and programs.

Continuous improvementImprove the way tasks are accomplished, remove unnecessary steps, make small improvements that lead to significant saving$
Data analysisIf you have data, we can identify trends, detect changes and truly abnormal conditions, anticipate near future performance
Monitor performanceSame tasks executed with similar durations? By all contractors? Why not, how can we all learn and benefit?
Monitor qualityInspect for defective raw parts and materials as they arrive; don't wait after installation to unmount and start over!
Assess measurement precisionDevice calibration, monitor calibration quality over time, make sure measurements are good enough for inspection purpose
Dashboards and automated reportsHave a magic button to compile dashboard with any supporting data analysis. Just look at charts and KPIs during production meetings!
On schedule deliveryCombine Lean expertise to available data and dashboards to ensure completing your project on time

Can I afford Lean construction?

Who would have guessed fuel consumption could be reduced by 10% just by keeping tire pressure within specs? The client implemented a weekly pressure inspection routine: super fast, super cheap, annual savings of >250 k$/year in fuel! And we did not estimate the savings for longer tire lifetime... One of the many examples we could share.

Can you afford not using Lean construction? That is the real question!

From our experience, it is more expensive to ignore data than to build a sound data analysis structure and reporting. It may hurt when you begin because it’s a change in habits and mindset, but our clients can confirm they would never go back to driving business blindly without data, and they all confirmed significant performance gains, scrap reduction, reworks eradication, etc.

Want to learn more?

At Différence, our core expertise is centered on statistic and data science, Lean applications and operational excellence, and... simulation! Don’t hesitate to ask for more information by contacting us.