Training plans

Knowledge sharing is one of our core values!

Trainings and certifications

We offer training on many topics. Our strength is flexibility and customization according to the context and needs of each client. For illustration purposes, here are examples of offered training and certification plans. All of these topics can be adapted!

Lean Six Sigma certifications

  • Yellow belt: 2-day introduction to learn problem solving using DMAIC
  • Green belt: 2-week program to be able to carry out continuous improvement mandates using the DMAIC
  • Black belt: 4-week program to be able to analyze complex data, apply DMAIC, and deploy Lean Six Sigma

Simulation and optimisation

  • Modelling and optimizing operations: in 2 days, learn discrete event modeling, the effective use of statistical distributions, and carry out your first simulations
  • Monte-Carlo simulation: one-day training on this approach which allows variability to be integrated into analyzes for more robustness in decision-making
  • Robust optimization methods: one-day training, learning how to formulate an optimization problem, and review of modern solution methods

Statistic and Data science

Our training sessions are practice-oriented! For more informations or to book your training, please contact us.

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