Modelling and simulation of operations

Training on simulation modelling to optimize operations

Discrete events simulation allows combining assets characteristics, operating logic and rules, and historical data to obtain a global view of a production system or supply chain. This technique makes it possible to integrate human procedures and tasks, machine cycle times, reliability, and schedules to study their interactions. Then, it becomes possible to reolve bottlenecks, augment the production capacity, validate an engineering design and test various “what if” scenarios. Examples of typical applications: manufacturing workshops, production assembly chains, mining and transport operations, material handling systems, food and beverage packaging plants, warehouses and distribution centers.

Training objectives

  • Understand what is and what can do discrete event simulation
  • Know the fundamental blocks and elements of this modelling type
  • Learn a structured modelling methodology, including model calibration and validation
  • Use a simulation software to model a simple case during the training

Target audience

  • Plant engineers and production supervisors
  • Special projects and studies engineers
  • Industrial and manufacturing operations directors
  • Production systems experts
  • Decision makers having to choose the best option while satisfying consraints


  • Virtual or in-person
  • 50% theory and 50% practical
  • Duration: 16 hours (or 4x 4 hours)


  • Introduction to discrete event simulation
  • Description of basic modelling blocks and components
  • Review of statistical distributions to represent cycle times and reliability
  • Detailed project methodology: the good steps in the right order, lots of useful practical tips
  • Overview of several commercial platforms: choosing the best suited one for the needs and the context
  • Workshop #1 : First steps in the Flexsim software
  • Workshop #2: Some simple examples, but way more advanced than what can be done with spreadsheets!
  • Workshop #3 : Modelling competition in teams: modelling test lab operated by technicians to optimize it


  • Be familiar with computer tools in general
  • Be familiar with probabilities
  • Ideally: be familiar with data analysis
  • Install the Flexsim software

This training is pratical, theoretical elements are very limited. For more informations or to book your training, please contact us!

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