Différence's Excel Add-in for Statistical Analysis

Exclusive! Designed and programmed by Difference for the specific needs of the industry.
(version 6.08 updated on 2024-02-23)

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Statistical Analyzes and Change Point Analysis

In order to make basic statistical tools accessible and easy to use, we crafted an Excel-based tool showing only the essentials in an easy-to-interpret format. Some of its features are:

  • Edit your data using the standard functionalities of Excel
  • Get the descriptive statistics of one variable
  • Build Individuals Control Chart
  • Perform a capability analysis for Normal data
  • Fit common statistical distributions
  • Build and run Monte-Carlo simulation models
  • Test one, two means or more means (t-test, ANOVA)
  • Compare paired observations
  • Perform linear regression and residual analysis

Difference Excel add-in for statistical analysis makes it easier and more accessible to analyze data

Try it! Contact us to get a full features 30-days free demo.

Difference Excel add-in for change point analysis to detect shift in process mean

Change Point Analysis

In today’s environment, we are often buried under data ranging from sales and production figures to absenteeism and accident rates. Fundamental questions we try to answer when we look at a key performance indicator or historical data are: Did changes occur? When? What was their amplitude? Are we improving our performance? Are we sure?

The change point analysis, a versatile tool minimally affected by outliers, can analyze almost any kind of data. It identifies the moment a shift in mean was observed, the magnitude of the shift and the probability the shift is not a ‘real’ shift but just a pattern observed by chance. Read this short article to learn more about change point analysis.

Add-in Features and Modules

Our add-in for statistical analysis is perfectly integrated into the Excel environment: it appears as an additional toolbar. The add-in is 100% written in VBA and does not require administrator privileges to be installed. It is also simple to manage a single or a group of cloud-based licenses! Transferring the license between computers and accounts only requires an internet connection.

Features of the Excel add-in for statistical analysis

Follow this link for a detailed presentation of all the features.

Downloading and Installing the Excel Add-in

The instructions to download, install and troubleshoot common issues are described below.
Requirements: Windows 7 or newer, Microsoft Excel 2013 or newer or Office 365, 32 or 64 bits platforms.

Integrating to Excel

Step 1: Download the latest version
Step 2: Save the file in a permanent (trusted) location (local hard drive; ex.: in My Documents folder)
Step 3: Make sure Excel is completely closed
Step 4: Double-click on the file "xl_difference.xlam" to open it, enable Excel macros
Step 5: That's it, the add-in is now automatically launching with Excel!

Obtaining a License

Step 1: Send a request by email to: contact@difference-gcs.com
Step 2: Open the License Manager (key icon) and enter the received: Cluster, Instance and Password
Step 3: Click on "Acquire"; if a license is available in the pool, you will obtain it
Refresh: You can query anytime the status of your license
Release: Return the license to the pool of available for acquisition
See here for illustrated instructions

Help for common issues

Click on the issue you’re trying to fix to be redirected to troubleshooting links. Most of these issues are related to Microsoft’s security.
 Add-in file won't open because it has been downloaded from internet
 Add-in won't show up in Excel toolbar because of trusted locations
 Add-in won't show up in Excel toolbar (downloaded file is blocked)
 Need to manually remove the previous installation (unable to permanently remove from Excel)

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