Modelling for Better Operations Scheduling and Throughput Optimization

Simulation modeling solves real-world problems safely and efficiently

Simulation of a warehouse in a distribution center of a supply chain with packaging

Do You Need Simulation?

How to determine the effective or maximal throughput, identify the bottlenecks or in which situations the bottleneck moves, establish the best schedule or evaluate if there are enough resources?
Will it be possible to deliver on time, is it possible to reduce costs, what is the most desirable expansion scenario?
These are typical questions expressing an underlying need to model operations using simulation.

The Power of Discrete Events Simulation

Discrete Event Simulation allows to understand and model operations for which time, variability, movement and resource availability are critical elements

Discovering underlying interactions and key drivers provides intelligence on the whole process. A global view for fact-based decision-making!

Learn more by reading our whitepaper on what is a model.

Modelling, simulation and optimization require the integration of technical data, historical data and process knowledge

Our Globally Recognized Expertise

Modelling, simulation and optimization of surface open pit and underground mining ore haulage and traffic

Our consultants have extensive experience in developing complex models for many applications. In addition to having developed unique specialized libraries for bulk materials simulation, traffic and maintainability, they have published scientific peer-reviewed articles and participated in several international conferences. Our modeling approach is practical. We make decision-making tools accessible and democratic, easing the configuration of scenarios and the interpretation of results.

Expand on your simulation knowledge by reading about our framework which combines lean, statistics and programming. Sharing our knowledge with our clients is part of our culture. We offer training sessions on the practical use of simulation.

  Examples of Simulation Projects

  • Tissue paper converting and packaging lines
  • Surface and underground mining operations
  • Ore concentrators and processing plants
  • Electrolysis complex and casthouse operations
  • Materials handling logistic and haulage
  • Mine-to-ocean supply chains and logistics
  • Rail and road transportation
  • Mobile equipment maintenance shops
  • Airport baggage handling systems
  • Industrial greenhouses
  • Food, beverage and packaging facilities
  • Containers and bulk material port terminals
  • Strategic planning of asset expansion to improve supply chains

FlexSim Partners and Software Support

Modelling, simulation and optimization with Flexsim software

Flexsim is a powerful, capable, and easy-to-use 3D simulation software. It lets you model – and improve – existing and proposed systems:

  • Model a real system in a native 3D virtual environment
  • Account for real-world variability with FlexSim’s vast array of statistical distributions and random numbers
  • Run simulation using the model to test “what if” scenarios—without needing to change things in the real world

Learn more:

Différence offers support to users of the following simulation software: Flexsim, Anylogic, and Simio.

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