Features of Différence's Excel Add-in for Statistical Analysis

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Analyzes With 1 Variable

descriptive statistics, box plot, histogram, control chart

Univariate analyzes

  • Descriptive statistics, box plot, histogram, capability analysis, quantiles
  • ImR and EWMA control charts with the Western Electric decision rules
  • Change Point Analysis (CPA): automatic detection of historical changes in the mean (explanations here)
  • Statistical tests on: average, standard deviation, autocorrelation, and confidence intervals
pareto analysis

Pareto Analysis

  • Most frequent classes with cumulative curve - find the 80/20 items!
  • Use weights to assess relative importance
statistical distribution fitting

Distribution Fitting

  • For simulations: Exponential, Lognormal, Normal, Triangular, Uniform, Weibull, etc.
  • Use weights to assess relative importance
  • Sample from known parameters to get the shape and properties
time series forecasting seasonal exponential smoothing

Time Series Forecasting

  • Time series diagnosis: stability of the mean, autocorrelation, detection of cycles
  • Holt-Winters double exponential seasonal smoothing (also called triple exponential)
  • Autoregressive PLS: robust autoregressive and seasonal models

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Analyzes With 2 Variables

means comparison, ANOVA, paired t-test, power sample size

Means comparison and ANOVA

  • T-Test for two independent groups and for paired observations
  • F-test for several groups with Boneferroni all pairs comparison
  • Power and sample size calculations using non-central T and F distributions
simple linear regression, correlation, non-linear regression curve fitting

Simple Regression

  • Correlation and density ellipse
  • Linear regression, with polynomial term and standard transforms, residual analysis
  • Nonlinear regression: built-in power law, exponential, growth & logistic S-shape models
contingency analysis, 2D pareto plot

Contingency Analysis

  • Mosaic Plot to analyze crossed frequencies (Marimekko chart)
  • 2D Frequency table - find the 80/20 items!
  • Use weights to assess relative importance

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Other Specialized Platforms

measurement system analysis plan experiment

Plan a MSA

  • Design the experiment: specify testers and samples
  • Prepare the design: add replicates and randomize trials
  • Generate data collection sheet with multiple measurements for the same treatment
measurement system analysis analyze experiment

MSA Results

  • Variance decomposition: unbalanced random effect ANOVA, handling of negative variances
  • Results visualization: multi-vari plots, S control chart, interaction plot
  • Measurement usefulness: increment diagnosis, comparison to total or historical variation
  • Risk analysis: Monte-Carlo simulation to design acceptance limits and understand decision-making risk
monte-carlo simulation excel addin

Monte-Carlo Simulation

  • Decision variables or assumptions: choice of statistical distributions, truncation limits
  • Calculated responses: random white noise, specification limits, user-defined formulas
  • Random sampling: pure random or Latin hypercube on probabilities
  • Statistical reports: histograms, descriptive statistics, capability analysis, variable influence ranking
  • No programming required!
black box nonlinear optimization solver mathematical programming

Optimization Solver

  • Solver for bounded, constrained, nonlinear, nonconvex, non-differentiable problems
  • Black-box optimization with several continuous, discrete and ordering variables
  • Implementation of the MADS algorithm (mesh adaptive direct searches, derivative-free)
  • Other methods: simulated annealing, genetic algorithm, Nelder-Mead, Fletcher-Reeves
  • Initial exploratory random search to seek for good starting points
  • Robust default values for all algorithmic parameters
process stability analysis correlation multivariate

Stability Analyzer

  • Determine the different stable periods in the process historical data
  • Identify which factors could explain the observed changes
  • Obtain recommendations on which variables could be the most influential ones
  • Rapidly eliminate the irrelevant variables out of >250 variables!

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Tools and Utilities

utilities in the excel add-in

Additional Tools

  • Workbook navigation: in-ribbon organize list of sheets
  • Workbook explorer: list sheets grouped by analysis type
  • Confidence interval calculator on: mean, standard deviation, proportion, capability, tolerance
  • Date picker: visual selection of dates in calendar widget
  • Print our email active sheet in one click
  • Easy access to local help file, or download it
cloud-based license manager

License Manager

  • Flexible cloud-based licensing system!
  • Acquire and release a license from a pool (need internet connection)
  • Share licenses between devices and users
  • Addin updates are automatically licensed (with annual subscription)
  • Illustration of how to activate a license:

How to activate the license of Difference Excel add-in statistical analysis monte-carlo simulation

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