Training on Big Data, artificial intelligence and machine learning

Implementing Big Data, artificial intelligence and machine learning

You have massive databases but you have difficulty extracting the relevant information. Would you like to be able to explore and model this data and derive its full potential? This training will allow participants to develop best practices in the use of Big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to begin their exploration on a solid and methodic basis. An overview of popular platforms as well as relevant advices for the choice and deployment of modern tools will complete the training.

Training objectives

  • Be informed of Big Data history and key concepts
  • Know the dangers of Big Data and learn how to properly analyze this type of data
  • Become familiar with a rigorous methodology for Big data and artificial intelligence
  • Learn how to visualize and graphically explore data
  • Discover popular platforms and get practical tips to choose the most appropriate one

Target audience

  • Everyone supervising a team having for mission to exploit Big Data, implement artificial intelligence or deploy machine learning models


  • Virtual or in-person
  • Presentation, demonstrations and discussions
  • Duration : 8 hours (or 2x 4 hours)


  • History and key concepts of Big Data
  • Dangers limitations of these tools
  • Best practices and methodology to analyze this type of data
  • Import, structure, clean and visualize data
  • How to deal with missing values
  • How to prepare impactful visualizations
  • Overview of machine learning and modelling techniques
  • Presentation of popular tools and practical tips to select and deploy the appropriate platform


  • Be familiar with computer science in general
  • Ideally have Big Data project examples in mind

This training is pratical, theoretical elements are very limited. For more informations or to book your training, please contact us!

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