Design and analyze efficient trials (DOE)

Training on statistical design and analysis of experiments

It is common, in a plant, to have to design and carry out trials. The challenge is to be able to draw conclusions with a high level of certainty despite the presence of several uncontrollable and often unknown sources of variation. This training will allow you to acquire the essential skills for designing and analysing trials that will ensure your conclusions will be statistically valid and robust to the various sources of variation.

Training objectives

  • Know how to apply the four basic principles of efficient experiments when designing trials such as comparing the effect of two different chemicals on a process
  • Be able to statistically analyse trial results so that conclusions are robust and valid

Target audience

  • Anyone who must design and analyse trials in a production context and who wishes to have a rationale to justify the size of the trials and be able to use robust and valid statistical analysis tools.


  • Virtual or in-person
  • 60% theory and 40% practical (ideally have in mind a trial you would like to design)
  • Duration: 8 hours


  • The typical trials challenges and the four basic principles of effective trials
  • Statistical analysis of trials
  • Trial design - calculating the number of tests to be carried out
  • Monitoring and maintaining results – change point analysis


  • Install Différence’s Excel add-in
  • Understand basic statistical concepts such as the calculation of an average and a standard deviation

This training is pratical, theoretical elements are very limited. For more informations or to book your training, please contact us!

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